Available dates: 11 - 18 and 18-25 July 2020
from €620 per person
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Frequently Asked Questions

Follow the instructions by pressing the Book now button. Fill your preferences and complete the steps by pressing send request. After that we will send you the Confirmation requests and you will have to transfer the amount to the iban that we will send you. After you transfer the amount, you must send us the transfer document. After we receive the payment we will send you the Booking confirmation and some basic information about the base of the boats. Additional information about our plans and options can be found here.

You can find the destinations for each week here. The route may change depending on the weather conditions each day. Whatever happens we will try the best to deliver you the most of the experience.

A refundable security deposit is required on embarkation and must be paid in cash or by credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD).This deposit is refunded on return of the boat in case of no accident or damage. The security deposit varies in relation to yacht size and will be between 1000 and 3000 euros in total. The deposit will be approximately 250 euros per person.

We understand that the times that we are facing are difficult. It logical for someone to be afraid. Due to this fact we are taking all the measures necessary to for the healthy being of our passengers, as the government states. All the yachts are being vaporized and extremely cleaned until the last corner. Furthermore every passenger should take care of his/her well being, but also of his crew.There will be sufficient amounts of antiseptics, disinfectants, personal protective equipment and cleaning supplies. The first aid kit will have a digital infrared thermometer and a finger finger pulse oximeter. There will be written instructions for the proper use of personal protective equipment and the crew of the ships should be aware of their use. It's important to follow the instructions of the skipper for this thin situation. We are gonna have fun the best way possible. The virus can not stop us!

Every boat  has its own skipper. The skipper is basically the captain of the yacht. He knows how to control the yacht while sailing and he will be your guide throughout the week and believe us you will be friends by the end of the week. The crew should respect him and treat him as their guest. 
- During the voyage the skipper's duties and responsibilities are:
- Presentation of the rescue means and operation of the various boat systems to passengers
- Keeping a copy of the charter party and an updated list of the crew/passengers list.
- Keeping of the ship's documents
- Continuous updating of the passengers list as foreseen by Law 4256/14
- Satisfaction of the shipper's wishes in the feasible (weather conditions - occupant & boat safety)
- Mini repairs needed during the trip
- Crew guidance
- Management and protection of the vessel's equipment
- Take the necessary measures to avoid damages at the ports.
- Compliance with statutory procedures of the law and of the insurance companies in the event of an accident and safeguarding the interests of the occupants and the company.
- To report to the base manager the departure and the arrival of the vessel.
- To make decisions about the safety of the ship and its passengers
- To Inform the base if there are any problems with the safety of the passengers or the ship
- To perform routine maintenance / inspection tasks on the vessel
- Not to use the means of communication allocated to him for his / her personal needs. The company will re-charge all communications that are not for the purposes of the service.
- To immediately notify the company of the discovery of any consumption or possession of narcotic drugs of any kind, either by the crew or by the passengers.
- Preventing the use of the vessel for illegal activities (transfer of illegal immigrants, transfer / use of narcotics)
- Crew members who, in their personal capacity, use, dispose of or distribute narcotics of any kind, commit serious negligence and should disembark from the vessel immediately. An immediate redundancy process will be launched for serious misconduct and will be subject to a criminal complaint.

3) Fee
- The skipper will receive his fee from Grsailing - Varkarola.
- The crew of each boat is responsible for the skipper's food

4) Exclusivity, confidentiality
The skipper expressly agrees:
- To devote all of its  abilities to faithfully comply with the terms of this agreement.
- That it further commits itself to abstain from any action or conduct that could adversely affect the present or future image of the Company.

Our last party will take place in a unique beach. We will prepare an amazing atmosphere, with barmen and djs. A unique beach party dressed in white. So it is important not to forget to bring your white outfit. The party will offer free cocktail drinks and some fingerfood. The last unique experience under the stars!

  • Swimsuit
  • Floaties (flamingo)
  • White outfit
  • Suntan cream
  • Shoes with white bottom
  • Anti-slip flip flops
  • Your smile 😘