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Skippered Charters
Enjoy your sailing trip and let the skipper guide you to the magical places of Ionian…

Skippered holidays are a perfect choice for families, couples and friends for a carefree holiday. It is an option that can offer you the possibility to plan your holidays as you wish. Just let your Captain take the helm and free yourself from worries.

Skippers can be booked at the time of booking, or a few days before the start of charter, subject to availability. Make sure that the skipper has his own cabin and ensure there are food and drink provisions on board for both you and your skipper.

You can invite your skipper to join you at meal times.

We also offer provisioning services with everything you and your skipper may need. The provision supplies will be ready and will be waiting for you at the base.

Truths and myths about skippered charters

Our skippers can be added to any of our bareboat or flotilla charters for your entire trip or just a day two, whichever suits you.

Skippers can come in handy and fulfill a number of different roles. Their many years experience and their sailing certificate making them capable to handle any situation

Can I be in charge of the yacht during the sailing trip?

A skipper is officially the captain of the yacht but based on your sailing experience you can help the skipper by taking the helmet or lifting the sails. His main concern is your safety but if you want to participate in the sailing process, he can give you the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience.

Where will the skipper sleep?
During the agreement with the skipper you should know that he will need his personal space. Skippers must generally be allocated a stern cabin to themselves for the duration of your charter, though occasionally the bow can be agreed upon.
What / how do we feed our skipper?

Feeding the Skipper depends on you. If you are planning to hire a skipper on your boat, it would be polite to include some extra supplies for him in your provision list.

However, if you do not want to invite your skipper to dinner with you or if you do not have enough supplies to meet the requirements/needs of your skipper, you can give him 'pocket money' in order to visit his favorite local haunt.

What does the skipper do in the evening?

Again, that’s entirely up to you.

Rest assured our skippers are professionals who are comfortable at meeting new people and adept at reading different social situations. If you invite your skipper to be part of the fun in the evening they may accept or choose to stay on the yacht and wait for your return. You may find that your skipper is an early riser who bunks down early after a long day’s sailing.

Will the skipper speak English?

Our skippers will speak English to a level that will mean your holiday is not impeded in any way, and the vast majority will speak excellent English and generally be excellent communicators.

Is it common to tip your skipper?
It is customary for the skipper to receive a tip at the end of the charter. It’s up to you if the skipper services warrant. If you feel that the skipper did a good job feel free to tip him, it will be appreciated.

Sum up the skipper yacht experience

  • A big advantage of sailing with an experienced sailor, is that they are also familiar with the area. You can visit beautiful islands , moor in the best spots and visit the right places to eat.
  • A skipper will actively involve you in the sailing and navigation and make you discover a new passion for sailing.