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Yacht Investment

The time has come for you to find out how you can combine yacht investment with spending holidays on a sailing boat!

Having a sailing boat and free ourselves from the daily routine while exploring the endless blue of the sea, it is a dream that for most people never comes true mostly due to the costs that go with it which makes most of us to never really decide to take the leap and making it real…

Our company offers a ground breaking opportunity in the yachting industry for you to make your dreams come true, enjoy the pleasures that the sea and sailing offers, be carefree and escape from reality and make a profit out of it at the same time!

More specifically, yacht investment offers you the chance to invest on a boat, which will bring you a stable income and at the same time the ability to enjoy sailing whenever you wish!

Money to back

  • ROI: 5% on capital for 6 years & 5% on capital bonus for charter a boat of our fleet
  • Completion of capital return on 6th year (6 yearly installments)

Money to boat

  • >40% on the initial boat value
  • ROI: 12% on capital for 5 years or ROI: 9% on capital for 6 years guaranteed

Value added

by % on the initial value of the boat
  • 50% payment in advance on the initial value of the boat
  • Boat ownership transfer to the investor after 6 years
  • Fully covered maintenance, tax etc. costs by the company for the whole 6 years
It is important that depending on the investment, the possibility of using vacations is given to investors for many weeks and on favorable terms.