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One of our fully equipment sailing boats from
Athens, Lefkas, Corfu, Rhodes, Kos, Skiathos will come a real pleasure
and complete escape from your dally routine.

Approach your dreams by sea, sail a GR Sailing boat under the Greek Ionian blue sky on the crystal blue waters,
enjoy the sailing by our boats that you deserve and dream off in style and comfort 



Booking Plans - On Line Booking

You can make your request on the opening plan
by opening a dialog box  (comment right-click where you want comment and write the request)
to the date of entry fare corresponding respectively to the boat.
Automatically request has been accepted as long as the point was there is no corresponding record.
Prices/week for any vessel  can be seen on the notes of the plan (By scrolling the cursor up of your interesting area)


SliderIonian Sailing Week

for repeat clients

Special event for 24-31/10/2020
60% discount
make your request and book the boat you like for this event  

SliderOne Way Lefkas - Athens

Special Offer event


Sun Odyssey 410 AVRA
Cyclades 43.4(1) GEORGE'S
Oceanis 43 SCARPANTO

Contact for more details

SliderRepeat Client in Our Company


8% Discount for the 2nd time

16% Discount for the 3nd time
24% Discount for the 4th time
32% Discount for the 5th time and after


Yacht Investment


 1)Why should you trust(invest in) Gr Sailing to manage your boat?
2)What are the benefits of investment program ‘money to money’


Gr Sailing  Ionian