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Bareboat Charters

You can now charter the boat of your choice with a sailing license...

As long as you have a sailing license and a basic sailing experience, you can charter the boat of your choice with your family, friends, loved ones.

This way you are given the opportunity to discover the beauties of the sea by yourself, chart your own course and make your own program completely carefree in beautiful bays, enchanting beaches, picturesque harbors.

Discover and feel this infinite magic of the sea and the absolute freedom that you can only experience with a sailing boat.

You can sail undisturbed while enjoying your vacation as our company assures you that it can offer you support services for any time and for any reason.

Customer satisfaction is always in the first shot, for this reason you can contact the base manager directly during your sailing trip.

Our company provides services such as instructions, preferred routes as well as the safest places for anchoring.

We guarantee that we can provide you with support at any place (in 3-4 hours) in order to continue your trip safely and without worries.